Apple’s Water Purifier: A $1 Billion Pause

Apple has been forced to pull a water purification device that was supposed to be used in the Cupertino, California, factory that makes its water purifiers, after it was spotted leaking water.

The leak was discovered by an employee at the factory on Wednesday, Reuters reports.

The device was supposed be installed in the factory in March, but the factory did not want to disclose its location at the time, Reuters says.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Apple is in the midst of an intense investigation into the cause of the leak, which it says is under investigation by a third-party company.

It said it has contacted both Apple and the company that supplies the device, but has not yet received any information.

Apple’s water purifying device, which was to have been installed in Cupertinos factory, was spotted in leak.

source Reuters title Apple to pay $1 billion to repair water purifcation system in China source Recoding title Apple has reached a $1B deal with China to fix water purificator leak article Apple and China’s government have agreed to pay an estimated $1.3 billion in damages to repair a water Purification System that was installed in China’s factories, according to a new report.

The $1-billion settlement is the largest civil penalty Apple has ever received for water contamination and is part of an ongoing probe into the factory’s water supply.

Apple, which sells its devices in China, said in February that it would invest $2 billion in improving the quality of its supply chain.