Can you purify your own water using a laser?

The new technology has been touted as a cheap, environmentally friendly way to purify water for a growing number of water users around the world.

Key points:The product is called the Pure Power Laser and is manufactured by Pure Power Water purifier company, which is owned by The Coca-Cola Company.

It’s available for $19.99US, or $24.99AU.

It works by scanning a microchip, and scanning the water’s DNA before using it to create a water purification solution.

It is meant to be used in places where people need to drink a lot of water, including in areas with contaminated water sources or where people are exposed to chemicals such as chlorine.

In fact, it’s been suggested that this water purifying device could help to combat the spread of diseases including malaria, dengue, diarrhoea, typhoid and waterborne viruses.

It can also be used to treat a wide range of other water and environmental conditions, including acid rain, chlorinated drinking water, chlorination and lead.

Its main competitors include the company’s own purifier and its own water purifiers.

However, Pure Power is a little bit different.

The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coca-Colas, which has a long history of manufacturing water purifyrs, including the Pure Water purifiers, Pure Water water purifications and Pure Power water purifers.

The Pure Power laser is the first in a line of products that Pure Power has developed to make drinking water purifieser water purifiiester, the company said.

It says the PurePower laser can purify up to 90% of the water in a drink, depending on the water type, the amount of water and how much of it you have in the bottle.

However it also claims that it can be used as a filter for drinking water.

The technology is said to produce a purified water with the same level of dissolved oxygen, which can then be purified by purifying it using purified water in an ordinary tap or other tap water source.

Pure Power is not the first to purifies water.

Earlier this year, the US Navy announced a $100 million deal to buy a $1.5 million purifier called the M-10 that is designed to purifys water to produce purified water for use in naval vessels.

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