EU water purifiers are under fire from citizens over water quality, environmentalists say

Water purifiers in Europe, where some are designed to purify water to remove contaminants, are being used to clean the air, but environmentalists say the technology is harming the environment. 

European authorities have repeatedly acknowledged the water purification equipment is contributing to air pollution and to the health of people, but they have not provided any data to back up claims.

The German government announced in February that it would replace about a million of its air purifiers with water purifying devices, while Italy announced plans in March to replace about one million of the equipment with a water purger system.

The United States is the only country in the world that uses the technology.

The EPA says the equipment was responsible for a record number of premature deaths last year.

Environmentalists say the equipment’s use is a major contributing factor to the country’s record-breaking air pollution.

The European Union is facing an unprecedented environmental crisis because of the countrys large-scale pollution problems.