‘Fantastic’ water purifiers installed in Ontario’s lakes, rivers, streams

By Karen M. ClarkThe water purification system for Ontario’s provincial parks and forests is one of the most advanced in the country, and the province says it’s working on an updated system that could be ready for operation by the end of next year.

The Ontario Waterfront Water Purification System is being tested by the city of Mississauga to ensure it meets provincial standards.

The system was designed to meet all provincial requirements and will be tested by a private company to ensure its safety, said Jennifer Schaffer, a spokeswoman for Mississauga city council.

The system is a new type of water purifying device that uses a battery to produce and purify water from a tank of fresh water.

A water purger can filter out all of the pollutants in the water, which can help protect people’s health.

The first prototype was tested in July.

The city says it expects the system to be ready in time for the 2018 provincial election.

Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources said in a release Thursday that it has received several comments on the water purificators.

The province also released a video about the water quality improvements in Mississauga.