How to make salt water purifiers

The Environmental Protection Agency is reviewing the use of sodium-based water purification systems as part of its water-quality mandate, a spokeswoman said.

EPA officials have said they will review the issue in the coming weeks, but did not give a timeframe.

The agency has ordered the testing and certifying of all systems to determine whether they meet the standards for use in the new mandate, which took effect this summer.

In recent months, the EPA has approved about 5 million new water filtration systems, a process that uses sodium to dissolve the pollutants.

The new regulation also requires manufacturers to post detailed information about the filtrations, which are often labeled as “sodium-based.”

Manufacturers of water filters are required to include a “Water Purifier Rating” on the back of the filter.

Manufacturers are also required to post a disclaimer about the water purifying system’s chemical composition and other technical details, such as how many solids are in the water.

A standard for water filters will be issued this year.

The EPA has been reviewing water purifications since 2009, when it issued a draft of the standard that includes details on the type of filturation systems that can be used, as well as the type and size of water that is used to purify it.

The standards were intended to allow water to be treated more efficiently by the public and for industry to better compete with the use that is being made of the water by people with chronic illnesses, like those with asthma.