How to replace deur dewater purifier with zoline water pump

New York, NY (CNN) The water pump that deur used to pump water out of its pipes and into the city’s sewage treatment plant was replaced with an automated water purifying machine, and water from the city wastewater system was treated with a new type of chlorine.

The water purification machine was installed at the wastewater treatment plant at the beginning of April, but it’s not clear when the city will replace it.

The machine was designed to clean water from wastewater plants, but some residents have complained about the smell.

New York City said it would pay $2,000 for a replacement, which was later increased to $3,000.

Last year, the city spent $25 million to replace the deur pump.

The city also spent $500,000 to install new wastewater treatment plants in the city.

Deur said it installed a new water purifiers to prevent pollution from leaching into the wastewater.