How to save on your water bills

The average American household uses a water filter once every five days, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

But many Americans don’t take the time to clean their taps regularly.

To help, a new company is launching a new type of water purification machine called a Tankless Water Purifier.

The tankless device is small enough to fit in your pocket, so you don’t have to lug around a water bottle.

You simply plug the device into the tap and it removes the water from your tap.

The company, OnsiteGo, has raised $25 million from investors including Amazon, Tesla Motors and Qualcomm.

Its first product, the Tankless water filter, is already on sale for $69.95.

The new device is being marketed in cities and states that have a large population of low-income people and low-education populations.

The company plans to roll out its tankless purification machines to other parts of the country later this year.

OnsiteGo says its tanked water filter can purify 1,000 gallons of water in less than two minutes.

It has also built an app that allows users to upload their own photos of the machine and upload the images to their social media accounts.

While the company has raised hundreds of millions of dollars, it is still relatively early in the process.

Onsitego has raised just $25,000 so far, according.

It hopes to raise $50 million in its next round of funding in 2019.

A lot of the technology that makes a tankless machine work is still in the prototype stage.

Even if the device gets built, it will not replace your existing tap water.

It’s meant to be used as an alternative to costly bottled water, or for home and personal use.