How to use a purifier water bottle

How to: The SportBible is a handy guide to cleaning, disinfecting and even disinfecting your water.

It also has a handy purifier bottle with the ability to make a clean drink, so you can use it to drink out of.

Read moreThe SportBibles Purifier Water Bottles are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

They’re ideal for home use, but can also be used at the office, gym, swimming pool or beach.

Read moreThe purifier bottles also have a microfiber pouch which can be used to carry the purifier for storage.

They come with a plastic cap which you can put in your pocket, or put into the bottom of the bottle when you’re not using it.

The Sport Bibles Purifiers are a handy way to clean your water, but don’t forget to add a little extra, too.

If you’re unsure how to use one, take it to the nearest water purifier, or get it on the go.

You can also use them as a cleanse for your skin, so long as they have a water filter in place.

We’ve used a couple of them to clean our skin, and they work wonderfully, but they’re a little pricey at around £40.

They also come with an extra tube, but that can be quite a pain.