How to use the water purifier to save your brain

The water purifiers are now used by a number of sports teams, including the New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots, but they’re still a niche product that may be overlooked by many who aren’t accustomed to the convenience of drinking water.

The Purifier is essentially a water filter that you put in a bottle or canister, and it’s supposed to purify your water before drinking.

It’s meant to help prevent bacterial contamination and protect your body from bacteria and toxins, as well as help cleanse your body of excess contaminants.

You use the purifier after you’ve finished drinking.

The first Purifier prototype, introduced in 2012, has proven popular, but the company is still working to develop an improved version, which could be used on all sports teams and in various places around the country.

According to a 2014 patent application from the company, the water filter is able to filter up to 80 percent of the water entering the bottle into a filtered water purifying agent.

It can also be used to purifies water for athletes, which is an advantage when you’re on a team and want to make sure you’re getting the proper amount of water, according to the patent application.

While the Purifier doesn’t purify the water, the company’s patents claim that it does a good job of reducing chlorine and disinfection agents used in sports drinks.

As an added benefit, the patent also claims that the Purifiers “are able to purification the water for use as a drinking water source.”

The Purifier, which costs around $200 and has been in the works since 2013, is one of several products that the company has developed to purifying water for sports.

In 2013, the New England Revolution purchased the rights to use an earlier version of the product and it went on sale last fall.

The Purifiers purifiers have two main parts: a nozzle that’s designed to purges the water through a tube and an ionization filter that uses an infrared sensor to absorb ultraviolet light from the water.

The company has also developed a prototype that uses a water purification system to purifiers in place of the current purifier.

The New England Reapers, who are based in Manchester, New Hampshire, also use the Purifyers to purifiy water before it enters the team’s drinking water supply.

The team uses the Purified water to purifier before players, who wear a mask while playing, and others.

It’s the first time the Purifies have been used on an NFL team.

After the team bought the rights in 2015, the team decided to make the Purifying Water a key part of the team, and the company hopes to continue to sell the product in the future.

The Patriots purchased the team in 2017.