Israeli police release videos of police using tear gas to disperse protesters during demonstrations against demolition of Palestinian homes

An Israeli police force has released video of police firing tear gas at Palestinians demonstrating against demolition plans for a Palestinian home.

Police fired tear gas and water canisters at hundreds of demonstrators in the southern West Bank town of Beit Lahiya on Friday night, as the Israeli army conducted a military operation against Palestinian protests over the demolition of the home of a Palestinian family.

The video shows the protesters being pushed into the street as the police attempt to clear them.

In the video, two police officers can be seen kicking the protesters in the head, while another officer throws a water canister at the crowd.

A group of protesters were then seen dragging the officers away from the crowd, with one protester wearing a yellow bandanna and carrying a Palestinian flag.

The footage was taken at around 10:15pm local time on Friday, just before the police started to fire tear gas canisters and water bottles at the protesters.

Several people were arrested, including a Palestinian woman who had her face covered, police said.

Police said that the women were charged with incitement, a crime that carries a prison sentence of up to three years.

The Israeli army launched an operation against protesters after the demolition on Sunday of the family home of Abu Dawud, a Palestinian man who is one of the founders of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

A police officer throws tear gas towards demonstrators during a protest against the demolition, in Beit HaSharon, near Jerusalem, on November 15, 2017.

The Palestinian family home was slated to be demolished on Sunday by Israel, following complaints by local residents.

On Sunday, the Israeli military carried out a military campaign against protesters and a small number of Palestinians in Beitar Illit.

Palestinians have been staging demonstrations since November 15 to protest the demolition.

Several Palestinians have also been injured in clashes with Israeli security forces.