Japan’s Kenzan water filter removes arsenic from drinking water

The government of Japan has confirmed that it has banned the sale of an arsenic-containing water purifying device that can be found in most Japanese homes.

According to the country’s Environment Agency, Kenzan is the world’s largest producer of bottled water, which is made from a combination of seawater and purified water.

In 2013, the agency reported that around 10 percent of the water in Japan’s cities was contaminated with arsenic, and the amount of arsenic in the drinking water is around 1,000 times higher than the international limit of 15 micrograms per liter.

The agency added that about 200 million people are exposed to the arsenic in their drinking water, with the government saying that it is only 1.3 percent of Japan’s total population.

The agency also reported that in the last three years, the number of deaths related to drinking water contamination in Japan increased by 30 percent, and that the incidence of severe neurological diseases, including dementia, increased by nearly 50 percent.

In a statement, the Environmental Agency said that it “found no conclusive evidence that the Kenzan filter reduces the risk of drinking water poisoning.”

It is unclear how many people in Japan have received the filter, but the agency said that the number was expected to rise, and its goal is to reduce that number to zero.

Kenzan says the device is safe for use in residential water filters, and it has tested it and found that it does not contain arsenic.

However, the company has said that a test conducted in January found that there was “inconclusive” evidence that it would be safe for human consumption.

According in a statement to the AFP news agency, Kenzans “current water filter product is completely safe to use for consumption.”

The company said that “a further investigation of the products used in Japan by international manufacturers is underway.”

The agency added: “We hope that the product will be tested for human health hazards and will be used for water filtering in Japan.”