Microsoft to sell water purifiers in Canada and UK, but no plans for US

Microsoft is selling a water purifying device in Canada for $149.99 and plans to sell the device in the United Kingdom and the United States. 

The device, which is called a water filter, is not a water system, but a “pure water purification device” that allows users to remove water that’s been used up by their appliances, according to Microsoft. 

Microsoft says the device is made by a company called M.I.D., which Microsoft has also been licensing patents from. 

“The water filter can be used to clean the environment, to remove pollutants from your water, and to protect your health,” Microsoft’s marketing director, Eric Gagnon, said in a press release.

“The device also has a built-in pressure sensor, which allows users of this device to monitor their own health.” 

The water purifications devices are intended for use with non-potable water sources, such as tap water. 

M.I., a subsidiary of IBM, is the company that created the water purify water device patent in 2013, and the company recently won a patent for a similar device. 

In addition to selling a similar water purified device, Microsoft is working with a company in China called Yixing Technology to create a water disinfection device that is similar to the water filter in some respects. 

Gagnon said that the water-purifying device will be available in the U.S. in the next few months. 

However, Microsoft has not announced pricing or a release date for the device yet. 

If you’re a Microsoft customer, you can check out the water filtering device and other Microsoft products in the Microsoft Store .