New water purification technology could save water in millions of homes

A new water purifying technology could potentially save millions of households, experts say.

Water purification systems like those found in the United States have been the subject of controversy over the past several years.

As more Americans are switching to rooftop solar and other solar-powered homes, a growing number of homeowners are struggling to find water filters, which typically cost between $20 and $30 each.

Some people have begun using the devices as a last resort.

“If you are using a water purifyor, it is a last-ditch effort to conserve water and make sure that you have the most water you can get,” said Joe Tresca, a spokesman for the American Water Works Association, a trade group.

But there’s one drawback: it may not do much to help clean up the water.

For example, a few of the products that purify water have toxic ingredients.

Other water purifiers that purifies water are designed to help keep the water clean.

A water purging device could help people conserve water, but it may only be a last option.

The only proven method to effectively clean the water of contaminants is to use chemicals, TresCA said.

And a water filtration system is only as effective as the water that is being filtered.