The New Water Purifier Is More Than Just a Water Filter

Posted October 20, 2018 09:24:08 A new product from Tecneer is a water purification system that purifies up to 2,000 gallons per minute.

But Tecneers new water purifying system is a little more than that.

The company, which is based in Germany, says it can purify up to 6,000 litres per minute, which equates to about 1.2 million liters per year.

According to Tecnees website, the water purifiers uses advanced technology that produces less waste than conventional systems, and it uses renewable energy.

The Tecneelers new system uses advanced technologies to purify water, and is made from renewable energy, rather than conventional energy sources.

Tecneera, which says it has been working on this water purify for years, said the system was designed to replace traditional water treatment systems.

The new Tecneeros water purifies is a “green, renewable energy system,” Tecneere reported.

Tecenest recently said it will be rolling out new eco-friendly products to meet a growing demand for clean water, which has grown by 20 percent in the past year.