Water purifier maker to launch in Adelaide

Adelaide – South Australia’s first water purification plant to be operational in the city is set to launch on Tuesday.

Key points:The Deka Water purifiers will operate at a facility in Adelaide and will be distributed to residents in the CBDAs part of a $2.5 billion infrastructure project to transform the city’s water systemThe plant is being built by German company Energie AG as part of the city-wide Water and Wastewater Improvement Program.

Key areas to be covered include:A complete wastewater treatment system for the cityA comprehensive water and wastewater system upgradeThe project will cost around $2 billion, and is expected to be completed in 2023.

In a statement to ABC Adelaide, the company said it was committed to providing water for all South Australians, and it was in the process of working with city planners and residents to plan for the new water facility.

“The Denna Water Purifier will be a significant and significant investment in the future of the Adelaide City, and will benefit the residents of the City in a variety of ways,” the statement said.

“We look forward to the new facility coming to fruition and we can’t wait to start providing South Australians with clean water in the coming years.”

It said the plant was designed to ensure South Australians are able to get clean water, while also improving the water infrastructure.