Water purifier to be installed at Walmart and Costco stores by next year

Walmart and Best Buy announced Thursday they will install water purifiers at their stores to save customers money on water.

The water purification machines will cost $40 a month for a single unit, or $100 for a two-unit unit.

The devices, which can be placed in a central aisle of the stores, will save shoppers more than $3 per day.

“Customers can save an average of $15 per month by using our new water purifying machines at Walmart, Costco, Target and Sam’s Club,” the companies said in a statement.

“We’re confident this innovative technology will help customers save money on their water bills, and we’re thrilled that customers will be able to use the machines for many years to come.”

Walmart, Best Buy and Sams Club have installed water purifications systems at stores in the past, but they typically cost more than a hundred dollars a pop.

The companies said the cost of the new devices could be reduced if they were integrated into existing water filtration systems, like those at many large grocery stores.

Walmart and Walmart have said they are exploring how to incorporate the technology into their water systems, but it could take a while.

Water purifiers cost about $50 per month, but Walmart said the machines could be installed for about $60 per month.

Walmart said that in addition to saving customers money, the water purifyrs could also be more environmentally friendly because the water is captured from the air rather than from the ground.