What you need to know about China’s new water purification technology

A new water-purification technology developed by China has been given a thumbs up by the World Health Organization, with officials saying it is safe and effective.

A report from the World Bank and other organizations said the technology, dubbed LQO, is capable of purifying water with 99.99 percent efficiency.

The report is a draft that will be finalized and published by the government by the end of next year.

According to a draft version of the draft report, the LQS system uses “ultra-high purity water” and “laser-enhanced laser” technology.

This “high-precision water” has “excellent absorption capacity,” according to the report.

The system can purify water with 90 percent efficiency, the report said.

It said that “the LQP [Laser-Enhanced Water Purification] technology has proven to be highly reliable, and has already been tested and demonstrated in many laboratories in China.”

In the report, China said the LQUO technology can be used for “a wide range of purposes, including water purifying, disinfection, and waste water treatment.”