When drinking purified distilled distilled water you should always follow the instructions

The US Food and Drug Administration says it’s always a good idea to follow instructions when making your own homemade purification products. 

In an updated guidance published on Monday, the agency said it’s “important” to follow the directions for purified water products when they are used as a disinfectant. 

“As a general rule, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for making purified water in a home or business to the letter,” FDA spokesman David Pyle said in an email. 

The agency also said it is “important to check with the manufacturer if the water used in the product is actually distilled water.

This can help identify possible contamination.”

The FDA’s guidance comes after it came under fire for requiring companies to get a certificate before they can use purified distilled waters to make their products.

The agency said in May that it was reviewing whether to require manufacturers to obtain certificates before they could use purified water as a water purification method. 

On Friday, the FDA said it had opened an investigation into a “major water purifying incident” in a Houston, Texas, water treatment plant. 

 The FDA said the company that owns the plant is cooperating with the investigation.