Which cities have the highest number of homes without drinking water?

Vancouver, B.C. – Vancouver, British Columbia – Vancouver city council has approved the city’s first-ever ban on public drinking water.

The move by the city comes just weeks after a landmark ruling in Vancouver by a court found that the city had breached the constitution and infringed on provincial and municipal rights.

The city council voted in favor of the ban Wednesday night and will go before council on Monday for further approval.

The new measure will also include a ban on municipal contractors from supplying municipal water to private residences.

Council voted unanimously to impose a ban last year that also covers all commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Vancouver is the only Canadian city that has not passed a ban, and only three other Canadian cities have passed bans on the supply of municipal water.

Critics say the city is going too far and say the province needs to take action to stop it from happening.

“I think the way that this was brought to the council table was a bit over-reaching,” said Mark Sartori, a Vancouver city councillor and former Vancouver mayor.

“We need to look at the whole issue of water quality and the protection of our water.”

Sartori said he was surprised to see the city go this far, but he hopes the provincial government will look at it as an issue and help them craft a strategy.

“We’re not going to go out and ban private water companies.

We’re going to do it with municipalities,” he said.

Saskatchewan’s ban on water companies is still in place and Saskatchewan’s chief health officer says there are no plans to repeal it.