Which of the new Italian Super League teams is most promising?

Italia 2 is a Serie A side which has not been involved in the domestic league for a number of years and is now in the second tier of the league. 

However, they have the backing of the governing body and are favourites to finish in the top four, even if the top three teams of the first division play each other. 

It was a good sign for the team’s owners, the Lecce company.

They sold their stake in the team to the government in December and have been looking for a new stadium, which has now been found. 

The team’s owner, Francesco Zucchetti, said the club would be looking for an “uninterrupted” period of time to build the stadium. 

“I want to say that the new stadium is one of the things I am most proud of,” Zuccheta said.

“We’ve found the right location, the right time and the right players and that is what we are going to work towards.”

We have to take the next step in terms of the stadium and in order to be able to have a new one, we need to find a new owner.” 

The stadium has been built on the site of an old football stadium which was abandoned in 2003.

The site has since been turned into a park, which was the first step in securing funding for the project. 

But it will not be completed until at least 2019, and that has made it impossible for Zuccheras group to get a licence for the construction of the ground. 

Italian Football Association (FIGC) president Francesco Giaccherini is keen to bring in new owners for Serie A. Giaccherini said: “We have the possibility to take new ownership for the new club, but we need the full approval of the ERC (European governing body) first.” 

Lecce CEO Paolo Bini added: “It’s important to say, that the club has made the most of its position and the money that has been given to it.

“Leche are very happy to have this club, and we are very proud to have them.” 

If the stadium is not built in 2019, the club will need to wait another 10 years for a stadium in the first tier of Italian football. 

In the meantime, Leche have a stadium at the new Turin Stadio di Stelvio.

The club has already secured permission to host a friendly game against Juventus. 

They will then play Napoli, Juventus and Roma in a friendly tournament at the stadium which they will play every four years.