Why are there so many sanitary toilets? Google News

Google News source Indian Express article Google’s chief executive Eric Schmidt is no stranger to controversy, and his recent comments about the need to clean up the country’s sanitation facilities, such as toilets and water tanks, was certainly controversial.

But a few months ago, when asked whether there should be any toilets for toilets, Schmidt had a surprising answer: sanitary.

“It is not good,” he said in a speech at the World Economic Forum.

“In order to prevent and control pollution, there should not be any public toilets.

That is something I think we should consider very seriously.”

Schmidt’s comments sparked outrage among activists and health advocates, and even prompted the company to take a strong stand against him.

Now, though, it seems as though Schmidt’s statements have been forgiven by the company, at least for now.

The company has decided to make sanitary toilet seats and toilet seats in the shape of toilet paper, according to a press release from Google.

It is also promising to create a new product line to sell toilet paper with the same properties.

But the product lines will be separate from its current products, and Google has said that its first sanitary products will not be available in India until next year.

“We are taking the step to make sure we have a long-term vision for what we’re doing in this space,” Schmidt said.

“This is a really big issue and we’re committed to taking the right steps to make that happen.”

Google also announced a partnership with a health charity in India to provide free sanitary towels for women.

The charity has partnered with a local health centre to distribute sanitary cloths to over 30,000 women, and will donate a portion of its profits to local hospitals.