Why Nestle Purifies Water Source CBS News

NEW YORK — Nestle Corp. is offering purified water for consumers as part of a $50 billion effort to clean up the water supply in the United States.

The company’s $50 million Purify water program is part of an initiative that began with the launch of its $100 million Purified water initiative in the mid-1990s and has expanded to include other brands including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and the Nestle Group.

Nestle CEO Mark Bertolini said Monday that the Purify program was not just about saving water but about making life easier for customers and providing better customer service.

The purification process involves separating the water and other solids from the water, which can then be filtered and filtered again to make the purified water. 

The purified water is intended to be used in the tap and the drinking water, Bertolini told reporters. 

Nestle’s Purify initiative is being rolled out across the country, and Bertolini will be in New York City for a ceremony at New York’s Rockefeller Center. 

 The company has been testing water for the Purifies water program and will provide bottled water and tap water, as well as other products, to customers.

The program will run from May 1 to July 31. 

Bertolini said he expects that customers will receive bottled water from the program and that Nestle will continue to supply tap water for about a year. 

“We have been working with the tap water authority to find the best way to get purified water to our customers, and we are pleased to announce we are making it easier for them to do so,” Bertolini added. 

Pour out purified water in your home or workplace? 

“There’s a lot of purifying work to do and we’re doing that.

We’re using our expertise and we know how to do that, and that’s what we are doing.” 

Are you a water purification customer? 

Yes, I use it at home or work every day, Bertucci said. 

What’s in the purified water? 

Nettles Pure water comes in four categories. 

This is the highest grade, the purified pure water, and it has been tested for safety, Bertillon said.

It also comes with a special certificate that tells the water company it has tested the water.

What do I need to do to get a purified water tap tap? 

To be eligible for a purified tap, customers will need to buy a tap, install a filter, and bring in a bottle of purified water at home, Bertolucci said in a statement.

Nestles purified water comes from purified water plants around the world and has been sold in over 200 countries. 

Is there a fee to get my purified water tested? 


The price is $1.99 per liter, and the water has to be tested for purity by a certified water laboratory, according to the Purified Water Program website. 

How can I see the purity of the purified product? 

Users can view the purity by selecting the “My Purified Products” link in the Purification section of the website.

They can also go to the purified tap menu and tap the purified waters, according a Nestle spokeswoman. 

Can I have a bottle tested?

Nettls purified water will come with a certificate that states the water was tested.

This will be a requirement if you purchase bottled water, but the certificate will only tell the water manufacturer that the water is purified.