Why you should buy a purified water label sticker

In a move that may finally bring back the smell of the holy city, the Israeli government on Wednesday announced that consumers will soon be able to purchase a sticker that reads “unbranded.”

The government has been quietly introducing the new labeling scheme since last month, and it’s expected to go into effect next week.

The sticker will also include the city’s logo and a brief description of the product, such as “water purification.”

The stickers will be sold exclusively at municipal water supply and wastewater treatment facilities in cities that already have them, with prices ranging from about $1 to about $4 per litre. 

The announcement was met with applause by a group of water purifiers who had been campaigning for the change.

“The water purification is the most important thing,” said Shai Shilov, who runs the Israel Water Purification Association in Haifa.

“We don’t want a water purifying machine to be installed in our backyard.” 

The stickers are already sold in Israel and several other countries, but they’re not widely available.

A group of Purifier users who had petitioned the government for a sticker called it “the most important change for the future of water in Israel,” and they are planning to appeal.

The stickers also are expected to bring the city of Jerusalem back to its pre-war status as a city where water purifyments are widely available and cost-effective, said Gilad Klein, a spokesman for the city council.

The city is a major water purified site and the city water is clean and it has the necessary infrastructure to handle water that is polluted, he said.

“We are glad that the government is making the effort to bring back Jerusalem as the holy and holy city,” Klein said.

The move will make it easier for people to take their water to the water purifers and to use the water for their own purposes.

“This will make Jerusalem a more attractive place to live and work.”